Executive Search Retained and Contingency

GulfManagers will handle the assignment on an exclusive basis. Clients will find it in their interest to engage GulfManagers on a retainer basis as they will enjoy the exclusive privilege of a detailed search plan. This plan includes 3 stages.

Target peers competitors Screen candidates & assess them Deliver a longlist of candidate

Conducting Profile Assessments Present detailed presentation of candidates Deliver a shortlist of candidates

Arranging for interviews Negotiation process Conducting reference checks

A contingency-based approach allows the client to pay after the successful placement of the candidate. GulfManagers Executive Search will identify source and refer potential candidates to the client. Assistance at all levels desired by the client in the employment offer and negotiation process shall be provided.

Avoid costly hiring mistakes Hire Top Performers Put the right person in the right job the first time Identify and develop leadership skills of your supervisors, managers, and executives Using the Profiles XT Placement Report conduct systematic and targeted interview with candidates