Talent Acquisition Manager

Talent Acquisition Manager

Job Overview

The Blue Group is a united business enterprise which consolidates the commitment to utmost quality, unparalleled customer service and continuous drive for innovation, which will significantly contribute to corporate growth and development through functional divisions. Under the Blue Group’s wing, business horizons will be expanded by introducing the following divisions: Sports, Retail, Service and Fashion. Each division represents an industry where we can brandish our commitment to excellence, accrue significant revenues, while contributing to the growth of the particular industry in our own distinct way.

Key Responsibilities:

Develop a Talent Acquisition strategy including its objectives, targets, and initiatives to support the organization’s strategic goals.
Recommend improvements to Hiring policy and direct the implementation of procedures and controls covering all areas of recruitment activity so that all relevant procedural/legislative requirements are fulfilled while delivering a quality, cost-effective service.
Develop the annual manpower plan and budget
Conduct workload analysis as part of the manpower planning exercise to determine the optimal manpower requirement for the organization.
· Supervise the day-to-day operations of Talent Acquisition Department to ensure that work processes are implemented as designed and comply with established policies, processes, and procedures.
Manage the implementation of psychometric testing process and the execution of assessment centers for external candidates, to gain an accurate bearing of the candidate’s cognitive abilities, personality/behavioral style, and skills.
Communicate with business managers regularly to obtain a better understanding on their recruitment needs and leverage from the internal resources and talent to fill vacant positions, whenever possible.
Build and maintain good relationship with external recruitment agencies to ensure that right caliber professionals are attracted and selected.
Lead the graduate/professional/overseas/outsourced acquisition to ensure that the selection of candidates is done as per the applicable policies and procedures.
Review the requests for internal transfers and coordinate with the respective team to ensure that candidates possess the required qualifications for the target position.
Oversee the on-boarding and induction process of new hires to ensure the required orientation programs are provided as required and in a timely manner.
Maintain a performance driven culture in the team by timely monitoring, review of performance parameters and feedback to the team members.
Perform any other duty, within a reasonable professional boundary, as assigned by the Head of HR from time to time.
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Leon Menezes (LION™) 2nd
Talent Acquisition Specialist at The Blue Group – Qatar

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