Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive

Job Overview

Senior Account Executive

As an account executive, you will be responsible for client servicing and client acquisition. The account executive serves as the direct link between the agency and the client, managing day-to-day tasks and ensuring customer satisfaction.


What is the role of an account executive:

Pitch press releases and feature ideas by phone or email to national, regional and trade journalists, across print, broadcast and online, to interest them in covering their clients’ stories
Respond to phone calls and emails from clients
Monitor media coverage and report results to the wider team and clients
Attend client events and industry conferences
Brainstorm fresh ideas for PR campaigns
Writing press releases, news stories, articles and case studies

Key skills

Language fluency: You need to have excellent written and spoken English and Arabic.

Copywriting skills: You need to have great grammar and proof-reading, as well as have a creative flair for producing engaging copy.

Presentation skills: From communicating ideas to your team to presenting stories to the clients, you need to organize information in a concise and interesting way to capture their attention.

Social skills: Whether it’s over the phone, by email or in person, PR is all about people, so you need to be approachable, friendly and empathetic, and be able to relate to people and understand what they are going through.

Time-keeping: You will often be working to tighten media deadlines as well as meeting the demands and pressures of your team and clients, so you need to be able to work quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality.

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