Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Job Overview

If you live and breathe marketing, we need to talk. We’re looking for a flexible and versatile marketer who will be responsible for the growth of our inbound Retail sales channels.


1. Setting the company’s marketing objectives and seeking to implement them in a way that guarantees achieving profits.
2. Develop appropriate plans related to all activities related to the promotion of the company’s products.
3. Executing the marketing plans, with the necessity of developing them in a manner that preserves the company’s prestigious position and also enhances its ability to compete.
4. Monitor and control all marketing activities; The aim is to reduce errors to a minimum and correct.
5. Follow up on advertising programs related to marketing, and evaluate their degree of response through comprehensive reports, and thus identify the shortcomings and weaknesses in them,
6. Carrying out studies prior to the process of developing pricing strategies through market research and competitors,
7. Concluding various agreements, especially with advertising agencies, banks, and various entities; This is for ad campaigns. Seek to obtain the best marketing opportunities for the company
8. Supervising and ensuring the continuity of updating the process of developing the company’s various products, supervising periodic market studies and trends, preparing and following up the implementation of recommendations related to opening markets and new branches of the company.
9. Work and cooperate with both the sales manager and the product manager in order to coordinate any offers or advertising campaigns
10. Follow up on social media pages and work on developing first followers
11. Provide POP and price items for products
12. Submit the necessary reports on a weekly and monthly basis to the retail manager on all activities and expenses related to the Marketing Department and the results achieved through these activities.


– Demonstrable experience in marketing together with the potential and attitude required to learn
– Minimum 05 years of experience in Retail sector.
– Proven experience in identifying target audiences and in creatively devising and leading across channels marketing campaigns that engage, educate and motivate
– Numerically literate, comfortable working with numbers, making sense of metrics and processing figures with spreadsheets
– A sense of aesthetics and a love for great copy and witty communication
– Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement
– Relevant degree in Marketing field.

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Muhammad Usman Siddiqui 2nd
Information Technology Manager at Tamkeen Stores

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