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Mall director

Mall director

Job Overview

  • Experience Level Senior
  • Total Years Experience 5-10
  • Job Location Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

General Objective:


Overseeing the management of shopping malls and the development of operational procedures suitable for malls and develop strategies for the development, maintenance and the high demand by tenants and shoppers.



Main Duties


Participate in the development of business strategy, and the development of functional strategies, plans and programs of the sector, and oversee the development of the budget, the anticipated expenses of the sector


  • Associates with the President of the company in the development of long-term business strategies and short-term and that would achieve the general objectives adopted for the company
  • Develop strategies and functional for the sector to achieve business strategies and submit them to the President of the company’s adoption
  • Develop plans and programs for the sector to achieve the functional strategies with the participation of heads of departments under his supervision and submit to the President of the company’s adoption of
  • overseeing the development of the budget, the projected expenses of the sector and departments under his supervision and in coordination with the financial sector in the company and submitted to the President of the company to review and approval
  • Adjust the financial performance of the sector within the budget set
  • Adjust the technical performance of the sector and develop criteria for measuring performance and productivity of the departments under his supervision
  • Issuance of instructions and circulars and administrative decisions and regulatory and technical achievement of plans and programs and in accordance with the powers and responsibilities in the company approved









Techical Assignments


  • preparation of plans, programs and operating procedures for the operations of the parks and the development of standards for evaluating their performance and participation in the preparation of budget estimates.
  • development of procedures for the implementation of employment policies and follow up the implementation
  • To supervise the implementation of plans, programs, procedures and take precautionary measures to maintain the property and the maintenance and supervision of all operational and technical in order to achieve the goal
  • To supervise and follow-up on the implementation of plans and programs of promotion and publicity and festivals in the parks and coordination with relevant departments and to recommend types of gifts and prizes in accordance with the policy of the company and cost control
  • To supervise the maintenance of cleanliness and beauty of yards and parking facilities, pool, and to take steps to ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere for shoppers and workers alike.
  • Develop plans and procedures, instructions and operations and maintenance schedules in the pool and oversee their implementation.
  • lay the foundations and rules for the designs and decorations of the tenants in malls.
  • Follow-up and ensure that the tenants of all decoration, electricity, air conditioning, counters and signage in accordance with standards of the company.
  • Follow up the implementation of all improvements, fixtures and decorations by the company in the complexes.
  • To supervise care shoppers and make them feel comfortable during the duration of their visit to the compound, and to receive complaints and work to remove as much as possible.
  • Identify the operational cost per square meter in the pool.
  • Adoption of design shops.
  • Adoption Consultant Offices Prequalification for Studies and Design




General Tasks:


  • meet regularly with subordinates to follow the proceedings and to discuss their proposals and take appropriate actions
  • Preparation of special reports and periodic reports on the progress of work in the sector and its achievements and brought to the President of the company’s audit
  • Follow-up organization of recruitment plans and identify resource requirements in accordance with the selection and appointment adopted at the company
  • Identify training needs of subordinates and evaluate the results of training and their suitability for training needs in accordance with the approved training in the company
  • Follow up on all the subordinates of the leaves and Mgadarat and others, in coordination with the Department of Human Resources and Administration in the company
  • To prepare the annual evaluation of subordinates and approved in a timely manner with an indication of the necessary recommendations in accordance with the performance appraisal system adopted in the company
  • appointment of a Deputy or existing business in the event of absence, if required by the need to work
  • carry out any tasks or other responsibilities within the scope of jurisdiction at the behest of company president







–          The existence of competitive prices to rents attract a large proportion of tenants and increase the demand for rentals in general

–          Maintain the company’s expenses

–          Good relations with customers and investors

–          The expenses of the sector compared with the budget set

–          Raise the efficiency of staff in the sector

–            Diversity of shops and exhibits in the complex

–            The existence of policies and procedures for leasing, collection and developed according to what

–            Reduction in the delays in payment of rent by tenants

–            Low percentage of problems in the collection of rents

–            The high level of complex competitive compared to the co-competitionالاستماع






Education: Bachelor (Minimum), MBA is a plus

Nationality: Any (Saudi or Arabs are preferred)

Age: not exceeding 45 years

Experience: Minimum 5 years in a similar position

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