Head Of Sales

Head Of Sales

Job Overview

. Administrative and functional supervision of branch administrators, sales and marketing officials and distribution of work among them to ensure proper functioning and performance.
2. Supervise the collection and analysis of market data and information and its use in the preparation of research and market studies on the company’s field of business and follow-up on the results obtained from these studies.
3. Continue to develop sales and marketing plans and programs that ensure that the environmental objectives are achieved in the various branches of the company, follow up on the implementation of those plans and programs and evaluate the results of the application
4. Prepare and set up advertising campaigns to introduce the company and its activities, continue to be approved by senior management, and follow up on their implementation and effectiveness by increasing sales, developing and updating those plans to ensure that the company’s objectives are met.
5. Contacting suppliers of goods with which the company deals, negotiating with them and concluding special agreements to ensure the achievement of the company’s objectives
6. Prepare periodic reports on market conditions, customers, and consumers and propose any recommendations or adjustments to maintain a competitive position among similar companies
7.Follow up on exhibitions and marketing events, arrange for participation, activate the company’s role in those events and evaluate the results achieved
8. Develop sales and marketing policies and plans in collaboration with senior management.
9. Establish and distribute a database of markets, competitors, and geographies.
10. Conduct marketing research and study the market share of the company and competitors.
11. Raise the market share by increasing the volume of sales.
12. Participation in selecting, training and identifying needs of selling people.
13. Identifying the biklands to benefit from the largest number of customers.
14. Follow up and assess the performance of branch managers and sales representatives and improve their skills across all branches.
16. Follow up on competitors’ situations and their own.
Report regularly detailing the achievements, marketing problems and failures of the CEO.
18. Opening new branches to ensure that the company is competitive and placed within the major financial firms

Other responsibilities:
1. Any other tasks assigned to him by his administration or the executive management related to his field of work.:

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