Food & Beverage Operations Manager

Food & Beverage Operations Manager

Job Overview



EDUCATION:      Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree / PG Diploma (Sales / Marketing)



  • Should have a minimum 5 – 10 years of experience
  • Well proficient in written & spoken Arabic & English.
  • Good communication and presentation skills and a team player
  • Managing people skills.



LANGUAGES:     Arabic & English




The Main Key Performance indicators will be evaluated as per the following 3 categories:

  • People
  • Product
  • Profit


  • Hire and Develop the right people to ensure the continuity of service rendered and increase overall business.
  • Train the staff on the Company’s Standard Operating Procedures and the Sequence of Service.
  • Train them on the menu and selling the item on the menu and the staff to be quizzed and achieve over 80% pass by the next 7 days.
  • Train the staff to upsell and suggestive selling through using decorative words and customer service, teach them how to talk to customer, what to say and how to become not only a server but a salesman.
  • Maintain the hired staff, train and develop them and ensure 3% staff turnover that have passed their probationary period.
  • Ensure the attend all the necessary trainings as is the required by dubai municipality e.g Basic Food Hygiene and PIC
  • Arrange through the company HR the necessary documentation for the staff to be able to work in the UAE.
  • Maintain staff welbeing of body and mind, by giving them coaching and 1-1 talks.
  • Performance review of the staff; 6 Months probation assessment and annual performance appraisal.
  • Scheduling and ensuring operation are covered, giving any kind of leave.
  • Payroll and renumeration
  • Labor cost percentage as per the approved budget.
  • Sales per employee per hour


  • The main product will be sold as a retail and as a wholesale
  • Maintain the quality of the product by following the set standards and municipality laws
  • Adhere to municipality rules and regulations by ensuring the product is sold in hygienic environments and in correct manner
  • Ensure we receive the product in proper manner and checking and double checking to make sure its accoding to set receiving standards
  • Come up with creative ways of selling the products which includes menu creation, costing and pricing
  • Marketing of the product in conjunction with the marketing team and getting it out there to create more sales.
  • Reducing the cost and increasing the sales to improve the profitability of the business.
  • Create many channels in selling the product and ensuring the channels are monitored and maintained in a proper way.
  • Overseeing all operation with regards to purchasing and sales and record and report on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • On a daily basis find a new market and a new way to market the product and increase sales.


  • Responsible for making the Company’s stores Budget and achieving the approved Budget by Board members.
  • Margin – total profit after paying for all costs as per the approved budget guidelines.
  • All Company’s Stores and delivery channels should be running in Profit.
  • Food cost – percent of revenue per Cup due to cost of food, not including service or other costs 26%
  • Cash flow Management
  • Revenue Per Available Seat Hour (RevPASH) for the main branch in City Walk Branch.
  • Average cheque per store as per the approved budget.
  • By upselling, suggestive selling and proper training get and reach the daily weekly and monthly sales target.
  • Aim for a higher profit margin when doing costing and setting the prices.
  • Reduce cost by saving on wastage, over purchases and under utilization of the product.
  • Improve sales by creating salesmen from servers, come up and give trainings that will develop the staff to achieving this target.
  • Come up with different ways to achieve set targets and ensure everyone is on board with it and implement it immediately
  • Manage the profit and loss account and food cost and implement plans to keep it under control.
  • Promotions, Marketing and Menu creations all dedicated to improve sales and reduce costs.
  • Develop a 20% strategy that will increase the sales on a steady 20% for the next few months.
  • Keep all expenses below the budgeted guidelines i.e. labour cost, food and beverage, Rent and overhead expenses.
  • Push sales in all areas including delivery to improve and increase the sales.
  • Responsible for the Franchise Selling.
  • Work, and develop relationships, with external suppliers to ensure the very best reputation within the industry, and receives the service required to ensure that the operational Food and Beverage team can deliver the highest quality product, and the highest financial return.
  • Social Engagement; Increase Customers online reviews and Satisfaction through social media.
  • Increase Customer Retention Rate


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