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Director Of Engineering Design

Director Of Engineering Design

Job Overview

Director of engineering Design with an active-oriented mindset and a focus on exceeding expectations, who operates with vision and integrity. Directors of engineering can expect to play an active role in the development and completion of projects, meet and report back to upper management, plan and monitor work schedules and cash flows, and work with multiple and diverse teams. Some of their responsibilities also include aligning engineering activities and projects with company goals and objectives, providing expert guidance and support, approving newly-developed policies from various departments, and maintaining positive relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

Reporting to top management.
Maintaining good relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
Implementing best practice engineering methods.
Providing technical guidance to engineering teams and top management.
Supporting established organizational objectives by developing goals and strategies.
Presenting budgets and plans.
Finding and implementing ways to improve cost-efficiency.
Dismissing and hiring new staff.
Customer Interview
Provide the required quality, “Geometric Quality and Development”.
Speed ​​in completing the designs with the required quality
Customer report in detail

Bachelor’s degree / higher diploma

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