Purpose of the role

This position is responsible for assisting in building new Restaurants and extending/refurbishing existing stores. It is also responsible for assisting with major maintenance projects as well as ad hoc projects as they arise.


Oversee and direct construction projects from conception to completion
Review the project in-depth to schedule deliverables and estimate costs
Supervise all onsite and offsite constructions to monitor compliance with building and safety regulations
Coordinate and direct construction workers and subcontractors
Select tools, materials and equipment and track inventory
Review the work progress on daily basis
Prepare internal and external reports pertaining to job status
Negotiate terms of agreements, draft contracts and obtain permits and licenses
Analyse, manage and mitigate risks
Ensure quality construction standards and the use of proper construction techniques
Prepare detailed bill of quantities (B.O.Q) and invite tenders
Implement design, equipment layouts and brand standards.
Ensure all necessary consents are obtained for works, including planning, building Control, landlords, etc.
Prepare bi-monthly progress reports.
Prepare signage, furniture, and all other owner provided packages by liaising with approved Sub-contractors.


10+ years’ experience in a similar role
Experience in a multi-unit retail environment


A proven track record of new build and major alteration works


Excellent communication and negotiation skills
Ability to work with people of various disciplines at all levels within an organization

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  1. Amer Trkawi Author

    Lead/Senior Civil Structural Engineer and Site Manager

    NAME : Amer Trkawi (www.linkedin.com/in/amer-alabdalla-5050bb64)

    DATE OF BIRTH: 04/01/1964


    EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Utah State University, USA in 1987

    MEMBERSHIP: Member of International Federation of professional and technical engineers in Seattle Washington, in 1992
    Member of Saudi Council Engineering

    LANGUAGES: English (Excellent)
    Arabic (Native)

    I.T. SKILLS:
    STAAD, PRO, 2008\ETAB for analysis and design of reinforced concrete and structural steel, implementing recognized International Codes such as ACI, BS, AISC, ASCE, etc. AUTOCAD 2016. MS Office Applications.


    Vinnell Arabia – Saudi Arabia
    Lead/ Civil Structural Engineer/ Assistant Engineering Manager
    2019 – Present
    Current employer is operating 249 sites of
    National Guard all over Saudi Arabia.
    • Designs new construction projects for the Ministry of National Guard facilities starting from a user definition requirements and finishing with a completed construction package.
    • Preparing the entire scope of work and project specifications for all new civil structural construction projects.
    • Design of new reinforced concrete building, water tanks, pump stations structures retaining walls and all other types of reinforced concrete structures.
    • Check existing reinforced concrete structures of all types for load resistance capacity to verify safe operation and serviceability and make necessary recommendations.
    • Design of new structural steel buildings, shades, canopies pipe supports
    • Check existing structural steel structures for load resistance capacity to verify safe operation and serviceability.
    • Investigate rust/Corrosion problems that could cause future structural deterioration and make necessary recommendations.
    • Review soil reports in preparation for design of foundations and roadway pavements.
    • Design of new roadways (asphalt & gravel roads).
    • Check existing roadways (asphalt & gravel roads) serviceability conditions and make necessary recommendations.
    • Prepare Scope of work for all required projects
    • Review submitted scope of work done by PSD and make necessary additions and changes.
    • Supervise all stages of constructions at sites to make sure it is constructed in accordance to contract specifications and terms.
    • Prepare all required drawings for new building and for renovation projects
    • Reviewed Method statements submitted by subcontractor
    • Manage and lead other disciplines engineers to complete design packages and other engineering tasks including design Bill of quantities project specification and scope of work.
    Wood Consultant – Saudi Arabia
    Lead/Senior Civil Structural Engineer and Site Manager
    2011 – 2018
    Projects: In this project Wood was the client representative

    • King Faisal specialist Hospital Consist of the following
    • King Abdullah Cancer and Liver diseases center which is (22) Storey height with approximately 94 Meter long and 67 meter wide (single floor area = 6298 m2) and tow basement stories. Annex building (single floor = 5900m2) was added to the tower with 2 underground basements.
    • Essential power plant building of 4-story reinforced concrete structure with 70 meters * 70 meters Dimensions.
    • Two conventionally excavated Service Tunnels. One is approximately 9 m by 7.1 m section by 550 meters long and another one is 8 meters by 6 meters in section and 650 meter long, both are reinforced concrete structures and done by conventional excavation and not by micro tunnelling method. The purpose of those tunnels is to run all required utilities to different buildings in the hospital area
    • Royal inpatient wing which is a six story building with one basement (reinforced concrete building
    • Emergency service building, which is a six story building with one basement (reinforced concrete building)
    • A parking adjacent to King Abdul Canter with three underground basements (approx. 6000 m2 per floor).
    • A parking adjacent to Royal wing and EMS buildings with 2 underground basements ( B1 is approx. 12000 m2 and B2 approx. 7000 m2)

    • Reviewed the structural design report and design plans of King Abdullah cancer tower, emergency medical building, private patient building, power plant, service tunnel. Three big underground parking lots.
    • Reviewed shop structural shop drawings submitted by the contractor and managed the review of other engineering disciplines shop drawing and as built.
    • Design structural steel supporting the glass curtain wall and canopies for the project buildings a
    • Reviewed the design of structural steel support inside and through- out the entire tunnel.
    • Re-design of parking lots structural elements to re-evaluate the section thicknesses and amount of reinforcement.
    • Designed pipe support for different types of pipes.
    • Designed Maintenance platforms for pipes though 1150 m tunnel.
    • Designed steel supports for Glass curtain walls for towers and high-rise Buildings.
    • Design Calculation review for change orders done by the contractor
    • Check and review structural design calculations and design drawings plus shop drawings presented by the contractor.
    • Reviewed Method statements submitted by subcontractor
    • Conducting a weekly site progress meeting with the contractor
    • Coordinate all the inspection work done by our technical team.
    • Observe all the safety violations cited by our safety officer and made sure they are quickly resolved by the contractor
    • Discussed design changes requested by client with contractor and made sure they are incorporated into new shop drawings for execution at site.
    • Attended joint meeting with client and contractor.
    • Watched the obstacle causing slow progress at site and proposed solutions to remove it.
    • Coordinated day-to-day activities affecting work at site such as material delivery, increase of labour, inspections and prioritizing working stages etc. Coordinated required design changes for all disciplines.
    • Assisted QC and QS Groups in their job to make sure they are performing their duties at site properly
    Kharafi National company (EPC). – UAE
    Lead Civil Structural Engineer
    2008 – 2011
    • Abu Dhabi and Alain sewage treatment Plants
    • Habshan/ Alrwais (Abu Dhabi) oil and gas project
    • Egypt/ Ismailiyah power station expansion project design and supervision.
    • Egypt/ Dumyat power station expansion project design and take off supervision.
    • Abu Dhabi District cooling plant project, design review.
    • Existing structure design check:
    • Kharafinational future head quarter at Allmusafah
    • Madam Fayza Alkahrafi Villa
    • Review of Design drawings for the project reinforced concrete structures.
    • Design Calculation review for the project reinforced concrete structures.
    • Designed all foundations and required fuel Tanks for ISHMAILIAH and DUMIATA power stations extensions project during bidding process.
    • Discussed design clarification with Design Company.
    • Helped Clarify design related issues for the construction team at site.
    • Design of footing foundation with pedestals and tie beams for steel buildings of the project.
    • Reviewed structural steel buildings design calculation for the same project Using STAAD.PRO 2008 for stress analysis.
    • Performed stress analysis for the strategic tunnel pump station diaphragm wall, which is 110-meter deep wall with 65 meter in diameter. Used STAAD PRO. 2008 for stress analysis to determine the safety of wall section proposed.
    Private Engineering Office – Syria
    Civil Design Engineer
    1998 – 2008
    • Private Multi-story reinforced building structures design.
    • Existing design inspections for safety and serviceability
    • Farm facility structures.
    • Used ACI for concrete design.
    • Used AISC and ASTM for Steel structure design
    • Self-dead load and imposed dead load calculation
    • Live load calculation.
    • Wind load calculation. ASCE code (using STAAD PRO. 2004)
    • Seismic Load analysis and calculation (using STAAD PRO. 2004).
    • Combination load calculation and considering the most critical one.
    • Stress analysis (using STAAD PRO. 2004).
    • Structural section design.
    • Steel Reinforcement area Calculation.
    • Deflection check for all slabs and beams.
    • Checking safety factor for the designed structures.
    • Providing additional foundation support in mud soil conditions.
    • Design/Supervision of elevated irrigation and drinking water tanks for farms.
    • Design/supervision of Ground level irrigation tanks.
    • Land scape development supervision.
    • Investigation of Cracks effect on existing building structures for (private homeowners).
    Saudi Arabia:
    AL Fadel Est.
    Structural Design/Site Engineer
    1993 – 1998

    • Prince Salman hospital health institution.
    • National Guard hospital.
    • AL Sayik residence.
    • United State Military training mission to Saudi Arabia.
    • Prepared scope of work based on contractual agreement.
    • Reviewed design requirements with clients.
    • Supervised the construction stages at site.
    • Construction material procurement management.
    • Resolved rising problems at site in coordination with client representative.
    • Recruited the necessary manpower for the project
    • Rented required equipment for the project
    • Watched for the safety and Hazards issues at site.
    • Follow up on payments by the client
    • Coordinated and attended Inspections done by the client engineer
    • Partial and final handing over of the project.
    • Responsible for work progress improvement.
    • Coordinated subcontractors work.
    • Overall management of the project.
    Washington state department of transportation –USA
    Site structural engineer.
    07/1990 – 10/1993
    • Mercer Island Luther Burbank lid of Interstate High Way 90.
    • Make sure that contractor activities are as per design requirement.
    • Make sure that delivered and constructed materials are according to contract Specification.
    • Reported violation to senior engineers for rectification.
    • Wrote the daily report for the activities at site.
    • Assisted private consultant in preparing the design plans
    • Helped prepare the design reports of highway # 405, by doing site investigation and providing the necessary data to design consultant.
    Contact Information:
    • 00966555068816
    • 00966537057760
    • UAE Driver Licence + Saudi Driver Licence


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