Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

Job Overview


This role is responsible for Business Development activities for Opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

The primary sectors to focus on are Oil & Gas, Mining & Metals, Power Generation, Infrastructure, Process and Petro Chemical industries.

This role includes Marketing and importantly the delivery of actual Sales.

The company’s has five business streams in Saudi Arabia:

• Maintenance

• Industrial Services / Shutdown’s & Turnarounds

• Scaffolding

• Site Support

• Skid Manufacturing


• Responsible for identifying a backlog of project opportunities in Saudi Arabia across all five business streams.

• Selling: As an Opportunity moves into the critical Target Tender phase the input from the company colleagues will naturally increase but your role remains critically important.

You need to drive this opportunity through to closure in conjunction with the Regional manager and the Proposals Team and COO and CGO (On larger projects).

Key activities include:

o Ensure that company receives the bid package and that it is provided to the proposals team in a timely manner.

o Ensure that the company personnel involved in this Selling stage have a clear understanding of the organizational structure and decision-making process of the client organization.

o Assist the proposals team in completing and structuring high quality responses that meet the customers’ requirements.

o Feedback: Develop relationships with key clients and partners to ensure that we have the correct level of visibility, support and knowledge of developments (budget, competition, pricing, etc.) to win the opportunity.

o Be responsible for taking the lead on driving the closing of deals in line with company policies.

o The ultimate aim of this phase of your role is to be successfully awarded the works on a good commercial basis.

• Internal Management: You are responsible for driving the internal review and decision making process for the Opportunities which you own. These decisions should be made in conjunction with key senior managers. Key activities include:

Processes: While you need to have an understanding of the wider systems, the key processes required for your role are:

o Responsible for the full implementation of Sales and Marketing process in Saudi Arabia.

o Responsible for initiating and driving the Bid process.

o Provide valuable information for the Tender process

o Ensuring that the final contract reflects the outcome of the tender negotiations with the Client. Responsibility lies with the Proposals team, however it is important that, as Client relationship owner, you work closely with and support the

Proposals team on this matter.

o Responsible for an annual Sales Budget which you are expected to deliver.

o Agreed set of goals & objectives on an annual basis with CGO which you are expected to deliver.

o The ultimate aim of this phase of the role is ensure that Opportunities are clearly communicated to senior management, that valuable Company resources are used in a focused and efficient manner and ultimately that the right commercial

decisions are taken.

• This analysis and on-going tracking of market intelligence includes a comprehensive understanding of the:

o Industry: to have a full understanding of industry and market developments within Saudi Arabia including regular research on this matter.

o Projects: To have a comprehensive understanding of the upcoming Projects and the associated execution strategy for each project including identification of the potential clients.

o Attain a high-level understanding of these Projects (client, type of project, budget, schedule, funding, relationships, political alignment, size of project, competition, etc.).

o Become familiar with the Client processes for pre-qualification, tender adjudication and subsequent contract award, including the key criteria for contract assessment

o Become familiar with the Client organization and the key personnel responsible for the decision making process.

o Understand the competitive landscape including potential collaborating companies.

o Act as the key person for all market intelligence in Saudi Arabia. The ultimate aim of this aspect of the role is to understand the niche within the market where the company can gain the best reward from its efforts of bidding works.

• Profile: Responsible for ensuring that company profile in your region is communicated in a clear, concise and consistent manner and is always kept clearly in sight of our target clients. This includes not only awareness as a company but also the

latest services we offer, our ability to deliver and our track record in the region and globally. Key activities include:

o Building strong personal cordial relationships with end clients, prime contractors, partners, etc.

o Understand organizational and operational structure within partners and clients (main contractors, service companies and operators), identifying key decision makers and influencers within these organizations.

o Responsible to track key individuals and ensure there is continuity on relationships as these individuals move to new locations across the globe.

• Pre-qualifications: Responsible to ensure pre-qualifications are kept up to date with all clients.

• A limited amount of public advertising may be of benefit to raise the profile of the company in Saudi Arabia. This should be considered in a much targeted manner focusing on communicating specialty nature to the small number of decision


• Attendance at key industry conferences and trade events to facilitate networking.

• Sponsoring of key annual events.

• The ultimate aim of this aspect of the role is to ensure that the company is seen by clients as a well-respected and responsible company who provides high quality services and is a preferred supplier to their employers.

• Manage Key Performance Areas of Subordinate: Responsible for managing a subordinate (Marketing Communications support).


Skills Requirement:

• Technical degree (engineering) and masters or diploma in a marketing and sales related area.

• Mechanical background – Upgrades, Modifications & modular skids

• Maintenance / Shutdown’s and Turnarounds experience – Development perspective

Additional Requirements:

• Driving license,

• Fluent in English,

• Clear high quality communicator

• Computer literate

• GCC experience


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