Assistant Marketing Manager

Assistant Marketing Manager

Job Overview

Marketing Assistant Job Duties
Works under the direction of a marketing director or manager to help reach the company’s marketing goals and objectives
Research market trends, demographics, pricing strategies, and other relevant information that helps managers and directors develop marketing plans
Analyses surveys, polls, and other market research to look for patterns and trends
Creates graphs, reports, and detailed data analysis using computer software
Delivers reports on research findings through written documents and verbal presentations
Assists in creating promotional materials, including brochures, blogs, marketing copy, etc.
Provides fact-checking, copy-editing, and formatting assistance during the creation of mailers, coupons, website content, and other promotional materials
Helps maintain social media accounts for brands, products, or services
Enters marketing data into spreadsheets and helps to create data and financial reports for marketing managers and directors
Helps maintain excellent client relationships through superior customer service skills
Places calls to or visits clients as needed to provide marketing materials, deliver sales pitches, or answer client questions
Organises and plans the production of all major marketing materials by working closely with printers, sponsors, and other involved parties
Helps to plan promotional events hosted by the company’s marketing department
Keeps client information confidential

Assistant Marketing Manager Skills And Qualifications

College education preferred, Computer Proficiency, Social Media, Research, Analysis, Data Entry, Written and Verbal Communication, Interpersonal

3-5 Years experience as a Marketing
Leisure, Travel & Tourism Hospitality
Employment Type

Job Functions
Sales Customer Service

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