Jobs at this level are responsible for managing the day to day operations of Human Resources activities including supervising collation of requisite HR data, managing routine tasks in the design of frameworks, conducting training need analysis, organizing internal training programs and reviewing relevant reports. Also, they are responsible for reviewing all technical reports and forwarding to the immediate senior, for analysis and approval.-Execute all relevant technology systems based security policies, processes and standard operating procedures to ensure that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner. -Execute day-to-day operations of technology systems based security to ensure that work processes are implemented as designed and in compliance with established standards and procedures. -Identify potential risks (both internal and external) and operational scenarios that may damage STC’s operations, establishes key priorities and develops proposals for protecting STC’s technology systems environment. -Provide risk management support including due diligence on vendors, identification/assessment of new processes or software. -Support in the development of solutions to on – going security problems and assists in their successful implementation. -Evaluate new technology systems, components, products, etc. from a systems security/business continuity perspective and recommends their implementation in STC. -Investigate security incidents, such as information system leaks and proposes corrective actions. -Support in creating security awareness throughout STC and training of technology system users. -Manage the day to day team operations within a specified scope, by undertaking related work processes and ensuring accuracy.

  • Resolve escalated queries related to periodic HR surveys and forwards the same to seniors, for complex issue resolution.
  • Participate in conducting research to stay abreast of best practices in order to bring forward ideas for continuous improvement in relevant policy areas. -Assist in the payment procedures for all work outsourced to third parties and reports the budget status on a regular basis to immediate senior.
  • Review technical reports related to human resource activities, in a timely manner, as applicable to the role. -Handle identification of any recurring process issues or discrepancies and makes recommendations to improve current processes. -Support team members and resolves routine queries to ensure work continuity. -Liaise with other supervisors to build effective working relationships and identifies synergies

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