The Performance Management and Reporting Director position is accountable to the Chief Operating Officer for the overall development, monitoring, reporting and management of the company’s reporting function including data gathering, interpretation, and analysis (KPIs, functional health-checks, etc), enhancement, progression, monitoring, reporting and cascading to affiliates the company Culture and DNA, governance compliance (policies, guidelines, workflows, etc), periodical reporting (department, functional, leadership, board and board committees, etc), and the management of corporate development projects; ensuring that a set of activities and outputs meets an organisation’s goals effectively and efficiently.


University Degree in Business Administration/ any other related field, Master’s Degree required.


Substantial general work experience together with comprehensive job-related experience in the area of expertise to a fully competent level in addition to managerial experience in a performance and project management function.

Key Responsibilities/Duties

Organisation: Understand our current business model and our portfolio of investments along with the market environment we operate in and the forces that influence our performance. Working with the Legal department, understand regulatory changes and potential impacts on business performance.

Performance Objectives and Reporting: Manage and report on the performance of the organisation, via the Key Performance Indicators (“KPI”) Framework and Continuous Improvement Objectives (“COB”); set appropriate performance objectives for management and hold them accountable for achieving these;. Prepare and communicate Early Warning Indicators for KPIs that may be at risk of missing targets

Perfomance Improvement: Work closely with management to discover root causes, Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis to discover gaps in performance and develop solution-based plans and take appropriate corrective action where necessary to ensure the achievement of annual business objectives. Follow up on plans and make sure execution is in line with the Strategic Direction.

Culture and DNA: Lead and manage the company’s Culture and DNA programme, including the ongoing enhancement, progression, monitoring, reporting, and cascading to affiliates under the asset management platform.

Management Reporting: Manage, track and report on functional performance (department, functional, leadership, Board, and Board Committees, etc); set appropriate performance objectives for direct reports and hold them accountable for achieving these; propose appropriate corrective action where necessary to ensure the achievement of annual business objectives.

Governance: Undertake periodical reviews of the entire governance structure (policies, guidelines, workflows, etc) to support the business operating model, ensure compliance, to identify and mitigate risks.

Project Management: Working collaboratively across organisations to support cross-company operational and strategy actions/ initiatives, acting as the project manager, or providing project management support.

Leadership and Direction: Communicate the functions and its relationship to the organisation’s mission, vision, and values; clarify the actions needed to implement it within the area of responsibility; motivate people to commit to these and to doing extraordinary things to achieve the organisation’s business goals.

Stakeholder Engagement: Identify and manage stakeholders up to top management level, finding out their needs/issues/concerns and reacting to these by leading and coordinating the development of stakeholder engagement plans to support the communication of business information and decisions.

Information, Business and Solutions: Provide authoritative specialist advice to the leadership team to guide the implementation of function and the design and implementation of projects and change initiatives in addition to initiating and taking appropriate corrective action where necessary to ensure the achievement of annual business objectives.

Performance Management System: Lead development of the Performance Management System, administer the system, work with vendors to seek improvements and further integration with the business and existing company tools.

Behavioural Competencies

Trusted Talent: We perform, we perfect and we progress.

Create Value: We create more value than we started with, every time.

Innovative Thinking: Driven by ideation.

Sustaining Credibility: Our legacy sets us apart; our responsibility is its sustainability.

Technical Competencies

Performance Management: Uses expertise to act as organisational authority on Performance Management.

Planning and Organising: Uses expertise to act as organisational authority on planning, organising, prioritising, and overseeing activities to efficiently meet business objectives.

Action Planning: Applies expertise to act as the organisational authority on developing appropriate plans or performing necessary actions based on recommendations and requirements.

Data Collection and Analysis: Acts as the organisational authority and established expert on analysing data trends for use in reports to help guide decision making. You are detail oriented, and fact driven

Review and Reporting: Uses expertise to act as the organisational authority on reviewing and creating relevant, lucid, and effective reports.

Assessment: Applies expertise to act as the organisational authority on analysing data from multiple sources to draw appropriate conclusions and make suitable recommendations.

Verbal Communication: Acts with expertise as the organisation’s authority on using clear and effective verbal communications skills to express ideas, request actions and formulate plans or policies.

Presentation skills: Uses expertise to act as the organizational authority on communicating with other people by speaking in a clear, concise, and compelling manner.

About Vision Invest (Vision International Investment Company)

Vision Invest is a leading Saudi Arabian development and investment holding company at the forefront of Public and Private Sector Partnerships in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council and beyond.

Since 2002, Vision Invest has nurtured synergetic partnerships with leading local, regional, and global partners and refined a boutique investment model, anchored by the entrepreneurial spirit of our people, to deliver sustainable value to our clients through impact investments.

Today, guided by Vision 2030, the Kingdom has embarked on a dynamic and transformative plan with a renewed focus on sustainability, delivering world class infrastructure, diversifying the economy, localizing best-in class technology, creating added-value employment opportunities, and increasing the role of the Saudi Private Sector.

As echoed by our Chairman Mr. Mohammad Abunayyan, “recognising the opportunities presented by the dynamic and future-oriented Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, and the Kingdoms fast-paced advancement, we rebranded in 2018 as Vision Invest with the aim to contribute our part to realising this Vision in the Kingdom and across all communities where we invest.”.

Our identity is not just a name. It is the essence of our operating model as captured in our Core Values, DNA, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Vision Invest is proud of the diverse portfolio of holdings it has developed together with its clients and partners, across a wide range of vital sectors including power generation, water desalination, industrial gases, logistics, transportation, district cooling, wastewater treatment, energy efficiency and social infrastructure.

We look forward to continuing our path of high impact investments that drive value for our clients, partners, shareholders, stakeholders, and communities.