Marketing managers oversee the marketing department and therefore are responsible for employees within their department. They assign duties and set targets for departmental staff. It is also the function of marketing managers to perform periodic performance evaluations of the staff working for them. They can be responsible for several services or products or oversee a single product. A marketing manager needs to have an outgoing, gregarious, and spontaneous nature.Key Accountabilities And Process

  • Develop Concept/ Brand attributes and positioning strategy in line with the Concept objectives
  • Ensure that the entire brand building strategies/exercise is implemented in all the stores
  • Recommend store promotions for the country
  • Ensure that all communication material required for the promotions is received from Concept and sent to the stores within the time frame specified
  • Recommend events specific to brand / product category / season for the respective country
  • Forecast along retail operations on the increase in footfall sales during the promotions
  • Ensure all aspects of imaging – store windows, visuals, banners, posters, shelf takers are in line with the “Image” of the Brand and target the appropriate audience
  • Ensure that the entire out-door media facilities are at the prime locations to attract customers (bill boards/ hoardings)
  • Ensure that the outdoor media communication is replaced regularly with images and captions as directed by Concept
  • Co-ordinate as necessary on the media advertising
  • Ensure consistency in the brand image as per the guideline of the Concept
  • Provide innovative solutions for new POS materials for stores
  • Prepare the annual marketing budget for the Territory in consultation with the management team and Concept Marketing & allocate resources to territories with the break up in terms of season, campaign, media etc.
  • Prepare annual marketing calendar and Product specification catalogs
  • Review the budgets and make recommendations to the Concept Marketing as deemed necessary
  • Report on the utilization of the Budgets periodically (as agreed) to Concept Marketing Head
  • Review the effectiveness of advertisement promos and provide feedback to Concept Marketing
  • Responsible for all approvals on the brand and marketing in coordination with Concept Marketing Head


  • Manage the performance of the team – set annual performance goals, monitor performance and provide constructive feedback to improve performance.
  • Identify their training and development needs and ensure their fulfilment
  • Develop and mentor subordinates to move to the next higher level of job through career planning and develop a development chart
  • Ensure compliance to Company policies and values. Coordinate with the HR for appraisals of the Marketing team
  • Conduct periodic market research to study the customer profile / preferences and buying patterns, in coordination with Corporate Marketing
  • Conduct market research to study the effectiveness of the media campaign and with respect to the money spent, in coordination with Concept Marketing Head / team
  • Set goals and parameters for the Marketing Research

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