Jobs at this level are responsible for conducting internal and regulatory audit tasks, analysing and developing reports with an aim of identifying the area of concerns. Also, they are responsible for reviewing the delivery of reports and analysis conducted by analysts and making appropriate recommendations to the concerned stakeholders.

  • Manage day–to-day team operations within a specified scope, by undertaking related work processes and ensuring accuracy.
  • Participate in the development of internal audit budget and monitors financial performance versus the budget to ensure alignment as guided by the senior management.
  • Manage audit of establishments in sensitive areas of business and determines the scope of investigation required.
  • Participate in investigations related departments and ensures that precautionary measures are developed and put in place to minimize future risk, fraud incidents, and implements new preventive and detective controls as necessary.
  • Participate in audit activities and findings.
  • Participate in audits, preparing audit reports and submitting to concerned stakeholders and to the management.
  • Participate in internal audit projects, non – planned investigations, as required, so that the sector maintains appropriate levels of audit coverage and frequency of audits, across STC.
  • Control processes and procedures as guided by the senior management to optimize the company’s resources.
  • Support the preparation of audit report of findings and recommendations, so that all findings are presented in an accurate and consistent format.
  • Report all the irregularities, risks and other audit findings, along with preliminary recommendations to senior auditors, thereby assisting them with final reporting to the concerned Manager.
  • Identify improved processes and systems in areas being audited.
  • Support team members and resolves routine queries to ensure work continuity.

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