Jobholders at this level may be regarded as a source of expertise and are responsible for developing frameworks, policies and operational plans. They also analyze complex issues, understand business needs, bring together multiple concepts and translate them into tangible actions and support to enhance performance of the function.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Conduct analysis and research on IT security operation, consolidate all necessary operational data, identify operational gaps, and accordingly manage ZATCA IT Security Operations including maintenance and administration of security solutions, systems and devices
  • Gather all necessary information of IT security incidents and vulnerability scans to feed the development of IT security risk mitigation plan, and provide set of appropriate actions to be taken in order to eliminate or mitigate IT security risks
  • Receive IT security incidents and escalated tickets, diagnose them according to their priorities, and provide the proper effective resolution within the agreed SLAs
  • Receive change requests related to IT security, evaluate their associated impacts on the IT environment and implement the change requests accordingly to meet business needs
  • Perform IT security vulnerability scans and penetration tests, and provide preventive and improvement actions to be taken
  • Collect the actual performance of IT security against set of KPIs, and provide periodical reports with challenges and needed corrective actions ensuring proper communication to all stakeholders
  • Train junior staff on the different job activities to ensure transfer of know-how, when applicable
  • Provide clear direction, prioritize tasks, assign and delegate responsibility, and monitor the workflow of subordinates/ junior staff
  • Support junior staff or direct reports in order to execute their duties according to set policies and processes

Knowledge and Experience:

A minimum of 6 years of relevant experience

Education and Certifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or equivalent is required

Master’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Administration, or equivalent is preferred

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