The job holder is responsible for liaising the relationship between Business and HC, communicating needs, ensuring implementation of HC policies and procedures to serve these business units properly and in a timely manner.

Roles and Responsibilites:

Strategy and Planning:

  • Contribute to the development of HC Business Partners and the business plan, ensuring alignment with ZATCA strategy
  • Implement plans and provide input to enable achievement of HRBP and the Business goals that support ZATCA’s overall strategic plans

Budget Management:

  • Discuss HRBP and the Business budgeting requirements with top management and provide input to the budgeting process
  • Ensure effective utilization of HRBP with the Business budget, and report accurately on progress made and challenges encountered
  • Investigate and propose implementing initiatives that result in positive financial impact for HRBP and the Business and mitigates financeal and operational risks

HC Strategy:

  • Oversee collection and communication of business needs with HC team to support the development of HC strategy and HC yearly master plan/programs
  • Cascade HC strategy into business areas level and translate business priorities into specific HC initiatives
  • Ensure gathering needed data from Business areas, communicate HC issues and provide insights to HC team to assess HC operational performance and accordingly provide support in the implementation of action plans
  • Ensure gathering insights from related business areas for the development/update of HC documentation, communication of newly developed/updated policies and act as a focal point of contact for query clarifications

Organization Development:

  • Follow up requests for the creation/change of positions, review the development/update of job responsibilities, and accordingly ensure dissemination of newly developed JDs to business areas
  • Direct workshops with key stakeholders in related business areas to validate competency framework, competencies mapping and proficiency levels to jobs
  • Review identified and consolidated business areas’ workforce needs and support HC in the development of workforce planning tools and guidelines


  • Oversee recruitment needs from business areas and ensure attending to recruitment priorities for HC team based on approved workforce needs
  • Endorse yearly business areas recruitment plan and accordingly follow up on progress and escalate recruitment activities delays
  • Follow up recruitment requisitions and, ensure providing additional information related to requested jobs profiles
  • Ensure implementation of recruitment calendar for special recruitment initiatives and manage special recruitment distribution among business areas departments
  • Ensure proper onboarding training programs with different business areas

Employee Performance:

  • Follow up understanding of key issues and challenges on the current performance management systems, development, and validation of individual KPIs and set targets, ensuring needed support is provided to different business units as required

Talent Management:

  • Ensure proper identification of successors to implement career progression decisions
  • Review training needs analysis prepared in coordination with business areas and ensure that employee’s development needs and PDPs are properly defined
  • Supervise coordination with business areas for the identification and enrolment of talents in development programs, implementation of development programs, and enhancement of program based on reported feedback from participants

Engagement and Culture:

  • Deal with change implications on the organization, manage the implementation of change management initiatives, and provide insights related to change management effectiveness
  • Oversee implementation of employees’ engagement surveys and ensure providing support for the development and implementation of culture change initiatives

Compensation and Rewards:

  • Review internal equity assessment to ensure accurate input into the development of C&B strategy and plan
  • Ensure proper implementation of rewards and recognition initiatives and provide insights related to rewards and recognition program effectiveness

Employee Services:

  • Oversee employees’ termination process and ensure exit interviews are conducted when required
  • Ensure coordination with business areas to identify transfers and mobility needs and periodically follow-up on the implementation of internal transfer and mobility processes
  • Ensure collection and maintenance of official documents and data for employees in related business areas and integration in the design of HRIS

People Management:

  • Participate in the identification and recruitment of key talent
  • Guide, mentor and support direct reports in order to execute duties according to set policies and processes
  • Develop individual performance objectives, provide necessary support, evaluate/appraise team and provide regular feedback on performance
  • Establish a high-performance working environment and promote ZATCA values

About Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

A new phase of a prosperous Saudi economy represented by the highest levels of integration of the Zakat, Tax, and Customs sectors to make Saudi Arabia a highly competitive international logistic hub and the ideal environment for attracting international business investment.

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