Jobholders at this level are experienced professionals capable of conducting work with general directions. They are primarily concerned with developing solutions to challenges which require some analysis to understand and resolve, and addressing issues escalated from junior levels.

They undertake complex operational activities including regular drills and Health & Safety awareness sessions to all related ZATCA’s stakeholders, constantly developing Health & Safety, risk management programs and systems to stay updated with the latest trends and standards.


  • Conduct research and benchmark studies to identify latest Health & Safety best practices and market trends to upgrade ZATCA’s Health & Safety standards and systems
  • Develop Health & Safety general guidelines based on local/international standards to consolidate firefighting/protection practices among all ZATCA facilities
  • Identify required resources and capabilities, assess the need of outsourced stakeholder to provide support in vendors/service providers selection
  • Assess vendors and external service providers performance to ensure alignment with required activities and set standards
  • Conduct internal assessment to identify required Health & Safety training programs for all ZATCA’s employees
  • Develop Health & Safety seminars, awareness sessions, training programs tailored for every employee category to educate ZATCA’s personnel about Health & Safety and prevent potential incidents
  • Follow-up on training program execution to ensure that all training material is given within scheduled period
  • Monitor ZATCA’s employee competencies post training level to evaluate program efficiency and make corrective improvement actions if needed
  • Conduct field studies across ZATCA’s facilities to determine, assess and evaluate incidents/accidents, potential risk, and possible hazards to develop a risk management/prevention plan
  • Develop safety inspections, drills plan to simulate risk situations and evaluate ZATCA’s facilities/employees’ capabilities to introduce necessary corrective actions
  • Initiate and manage safety risk management improvement projects to constantly update risk management procedures and align with best-practices and latest trends
  • Follow all relevant policies, processes and standard operating procedures so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner
  • Help in solving escalated problems and provide needed support for junior team to ensure work is carried out in an efficient manner
  • Escalate complex problems to the relevant person to ensure cases/issues are closed properly
  • Perform other duties as requested


A minimum of 4 years of relevant experience.

Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety or equivalent is required.

About Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

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