Company brief

Who we are? Saudi Manpower Solutions (SMASCO) started its operations in the Saudi market in 1433 AH corresponding to 2012 AD, where it obtained the license number 1 from the Saudi Ministry of Labor. We are the pioneers in providing professional, trained and specialized manpower services according to the requirements of the business and household customers as a RAHA and House-Hold services for long time. Our vision To become the leading company in providing and managing human resource services in Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries. Our message Reaching the highest level of customer satisfaction, through improving the quality of the services provided and the procedures to provide a healthy work environment according to the international standards. Our values SMASCO aims to emphasize on a set of values which we keep as a foundation in each of our customer relationships in order to achieve the highest level of satisfaction. By introducing the assessment programs, we are continuously evaluating and actively monitoring the application of these set of values in all the channels of services to SMASCO clients. The following are the most important values at SMASCO: . Credibility with our Clients and workers. . Building a unique long-term relationship with clients to position our company as the first and best choice. . Establishing a culture of respecting the rights of the worker and the employer in accordance with the teachings of our religion and culture. . Striving to provide the best representation of Saudi Arabia. . Providing legal and qualified employees to the Saudi labor market. . Manpower affairs management in accordance with Saudi Ministry of Labor. . Payroll management and providing medical insurance for the manpower (if needed). . Collaboration with a network of certified international agents. . Providing services in record time. . Providing the appropriate replacement according to the client’s needs. . The possibility of holding official interviews with the human cadres according to the client’s needs upon selection. . Facilitating legal procedures for all services. . Providing a direct contact number as well as communication through social networks. .Providing manpower of different nationalities accredited by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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