Engineer, Geotechnical

Job Description


  • Inspecting the composition of naturally-occurring formations at each prospective site.
  • Drawing an array of samples and studying these in the laboratory.
  • Determining the likelihood of consequential movements in the land.
  • Reviewing prevailing weather patterns and searching for noteworthy anomalies.
  • Suggesting effective fixes to geotechnical obstacles.
  • Calculating all requisite costs and material resources.
  • Sharing your final evidence-based verdicts with stakeholders.
  • Bachelor’s degree in geotechnical engineering.
  • Completion of a pertinent graduate program is preferred.
  • Accredited by the appropriate council.
  • Demonstrable experience as a geotechnical engineer.
  • Expertise in geology, climatology, chemistry, and mathematics.
  • Refined sample extraction and transportation skills.
  • Well-honed and updated laboratory skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.