Consultant Manager – Professional Recruitment

Job Description


  • Managing the team work of business analysts, assistant and first consultants during the implementation of consulting projects and providing them with support and guidance
  • Managing the processes of communication with clients in consulting projects
  • Management of advisory projects and control of financial and technical performance and quality of implementation
  • Preparing and planning projects and their plans.
  • Managing the delivery of outputs and certificates of completion and following up on financial collection.
  • Support and direction for the project team in framing the processes of collecting, documenting, modeling, and modeling data and information
  • Support and direction for the project team in framing the analysis, evaluation and conclusion processes.
  • Support and guidance to the project team in framing the research process.
  • Designing and developing frameworks and structures for workshops and executive meetings
  • Management of workshops and executive meetings with project owners, steering and executive committees.
  • Support and guidance to the project team in designing and innovating solutions and developing recommendations for improvement for clients.
  • With the ability of the contributor to carry out some operational work related to the tasks of business analysts, assistant consultants or first consultants when needed.
  • Preparing and building technical and financial offers.
  • Searching for business development opportunities during project implementation.
  • Participate in the development and design of services and products