Job Description

▪ Report to the Master, hold a complete responsibility for the safe maintenance and operation of the engine room and any other machinery onboard the vessel, ensure that the crew and all technical staff is trained and aware of Company requirements, latest industry codes, class, flag state and standards

▪ Ensure all workspace technical and maintenance activities are carried out in compliance with Company policies and Vessel Management System; propose to the Master to review the operation manual depending on the changes to the equipment or standard operating procedures and reports to the Master unsafe acts/conditions and other issues with implications for safe operation, marine environment and navigability, in compliance with HSES procedures

▪ Determine the volume of oil, fuel and lube required for each voyage, ensuring that efficient and timely ordering of adequate resources and spares has been done; maintain Oil Record Book and Engine Log Book up to date

▪ Maintain written instructions to all watch-keeping engineers, monthly technical report, records of periodical and emergency maintenances performed, vessel technical library and equipment user manual; ensure permit to work system and relevant isolation procedures are understood and observed by all technical staff

▪ Work closely to the Master, deliver general daily operation of the engine room to their primary assistant, communicate work status at end of the shift and issue the handover report

▪ Store Management: monitor the stock value trend; it will be important to ensure the availability of those spare parts required for the maintenance of the critical equipment in order to avoid any disruption of the vessel’s operation while keeping also a responsible approach in term of stock value

▪ Support the Master with reference to Marine QMS Technical Matters/Documents connected with this Specific Discipline, in line with ISO Standards, Quality Policies, Clients requirements (as applicable), Corporate/Third Party Requirements

▪ Ensure correct Equipment/Materials Procurement process, including delivered goods conformity to established requirements

▪ Ensure correct NCR Management within specific Discipline

▪ Ensure correct MOC system implementation within specific discipline

▪ Feed Lessons Learned System as applicable

▪ Be responsible for Measuring Instruments/Equipment Calibration Management, including Logs surveillance, updating and Traceability to Instrument/Equipment

▪ Be responsible for Engines Area related Corporate/Client/Third Party Reporting applicable

▪ Support ASSET PMT with defining Engine Room/Equipment related Maintenance SOW

Chief Engineer can delegate, keeping the responsibility of the task, for one or more of the above items, to:

  • Second Engineer
  • Clerical Staff (when present on board)


▪ Issue working/maintenance instructions for vessel equipment to maintenance and engine room crew, request assistance from Company as necessary

▪ Assign special duties to the crew and issue standing orders to watch-keeping engine room personnel

▪ Take actions to avoid pollution to the marine environment


▪ Minimun (5) five years as Second Engineer on off-shore activity


▪ STCW required certificates, National CoC Reg. III/2 and endorsement

▪ Completion of all training and certifications as described in the Training Matrix

▪ MOU stability course (where applicable)