Jobs at this level are responsible for participating in the design and managing the implementation of various marketing projects and ensuring assignments are in compliance with established standards. Also, they are responsible for participating in the planning and implementation of communication campaigns including media planning and management, exhibitions and events, seminars, eChannels (social media, online marketing, and telemarketing) and public relations and customer experience and lifecycle etc.Product:

  • Coordinate with PDS and Networks to agree on technical requirements for each Voice and Add-On service to be developed.
  • Undertake appropriate acceptance testing on handover of new/advanced products and services.
  • Coordinate with Corporate Communication for products/services roll-out, development of commercial launch and communication plans.
  • Supervise communication of requisite product/service improvements to the Network General Directorate, basis the data gathered from related department and sources.
  • Coordinate with relevant stakeholders to understand the feasibility of introducing new leads, product/service and develops relevant documentation of the concept, as per the guidance of management.
  • Provide training for product/guideline and create training materials, as needed. Price:
  • Ensure continuous assessment of pricing and utilization and suggest corrective actions when gaps exist and against benchmarks standards.
  • Supervise pricing elements in the commercial portfolio in both fixed and mobile services.
  • Supervise targeted campaigns to optimize strategic KPIs. This might also include acquisition and implementation of pricing optimizing tools.
  • Supervise technical documentation related to Network usage demand and product development to support pricing.
  • Work with products managers to define and implement new telecom services and introduction of profitable commercial promotions.
  • Ensure regulatory requirements for implementing new (or amendments of existing) products and services.
  • Provide required support in submitting new products and services to regulatory department.
  • Reply to telecommunication regulator CITC, its concerns about stc products and services, if needed.

Promotion & Communication:

  • Supervise policies and guidelines for various areas of marketing including marketing communication, market intelligence and research, market segmentation, media relations, event management, public relations and brand management etc., when required.
  • Supervise the design of various end-to-end marketing initiatives including marketing research, competitor intelligence, market segmentation, event management, branding etc., by coordinating internally with relevant stakeholders and externally with relevant agencies.
  • Implement brand guardianship mechanism to ensure proper adherence to brand strategy and guidelines by all sectors and at group level by monitoring, guiding and approving all ATL/BTL/Digital campaigns.
  • Perform brand image surveys to monitor and analyse stc brand performance and health metrics (awareness, equity, consumer diagnostics, brand perception etc.) and suggests action plans based on findings.
  • Supervise sectors day-to-day communications activities plans and campaigns including ATL/BTL/Digital materials (assessment of the campaign creative ideas, messages, and executions) in line with brand strategy and relevant guidelines.
  • Supervise brand communication initiatives to communicate stc’s brand at an organizational level.
  • Conduct workshops/events to highlight best practices in the field of branding/advertising to relevant sectors and Marketing and Communication agencies.
  • Manage consolidation of Marketing and Corporate Communication material (such as published marketing material, policy and guideline documents, competitor intelligence documents, benchmark data) and coordinates with the Document Management Department to update the database on a regular basis.
  • Manage effective relationships with stc’s external vendors including media agencies, event management companies and market research agencies, and addresses their escalated queries.

Customer Experience

  • Analyze customer experience surveys to determine trends, provide recommendations for improvement to reverse negative trends and recognize positive scores and behaviors.
  • Contribute in the development of required strategies and plans to manage customer lifecycle, retain them and promote up-selling and cross selling of

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